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Webspark - The Continuing Growth of ASU's Panopoly Distro


About two years ago, the University Technology Office at Arizona State University released the first versions of Webspark - a distro built on Panopoly and Kalatheme. It was initially designed to be an optional tool for building ASU web sites, with a built-in theme and a few ASU-customized features.

It has grown a lot since then, however, with the introduction of a new set of web standards that will be required university wide in the next couple of years. That large change of scope has led to some good technical, organizational, and political lessons about how to plan for, develop within, and maintain a Drupal distro for large organizations.

In this presentation, we would like to share some of what we have learned (and are continuing to learn) as Webspark grows - and hopefully those lessons that can be applied to any organization planning on using any distribution.

Presentation Recording:

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