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Multivariate Testing and Personalization using Acquia Lift


Most websites' traffic is over 90% anonymous. How do you test your content and personalize your website for anonymous traffic in order to convert?

Multivariate testing and personalization are not baked into Drupal. Services like Optimizely have merit, but are not fully integrated with Drupal and act more as bolt-on solutions with limited functionality. Welcome Acquia Lift, developed as a testing and targeting tool fully integrated with Drupal allowing you to not only modify DOM elements, but also native Drupal blocks and fields.

During this session, we will demonstrate Acquia Lift on a vanilla D7 website. We will create various campaigns that show how we can manipulate content for multivariate testing and personalization purposes. We will talk about how non-Drupal marketing personas can use Acquia Lift's point-and-click UI to change DOM elements for testing, as well as how Drupal site builders can get fancy and change blocks, even Drupal fields. We will also take a look at Acquia Lift Web, the UI where anonymous visitor profile data is sent to and stored for further segmentation and analysis by marketeers.

Presentation Recording:

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