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Ezra been active in the Drupal project since 2006, participating as a software maintainer, presenter at dozens of DrupalCamps and DrupalCons, and as a meetup (dis)organizer for the New York City Drupal user group. Over the years he’s maintained modules and distributions including Drupal Commons for Drupal 7, COD for Drupal 6 and Nodequeue.

Ezra is a product manager for Acquia’s flagship Cloud hosting platform. Prior to working at Acquia, Ezra was a partner at Growing Venture Solutions, a Drupal-focused product and consulting company that was acquired by Acquia in 2011. His background includes a range of product and engineering leadership roles, as well as consulting for top-tier publishing industry clients and startups.

Ezra is fond of encouraging new Drupalists to become more actively involved in the community, regardless of their background or level of technical experience  and he hopes that he can convince you (yes, you!) to become more involved in the Drupal project.

You can follow Ezra on Twitter as @ezrabg and at his personal blog at where he writes about photography, product development, music and misinterpreting signage.

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