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Drupal as an Inbound Marketing Platform


Drupal has long been overshadowed by Wordpress in the marketing space and has traditionally been viewed as a solution that is too complex for non-technical marketers.

In this session, Brent Bice will speak directly to marketers and business owners, demonstrating many of the available modules and web services integrations that make Drupal an ideal platform for inbound marketing and smart website design. Drupal allows you to attract visitors to the website through SEO and social media tools, convert them to leads through call-to-actions and landing pages, and close them through CRM and lead nurturing solutions.

Best of all, it's open source and much more flexible than Hubspot, Marketo and other marketing systems. In this session, the audience will not only learn why they should use Drupal as their CMS platform, but also how they can use Drupal as their marketing platform. They will see first-class examples and walk away with very specific action items for transitioning their Content Management System into a Content Management and Marketing machine.

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