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Drupal Camp 2011

18x24-dc_2.pngDrupal Camp Phoenix 2011 was held on Saturday, November 12, 2011, and included a special Acquia training on Sunday, November 13. The conference doubled the registered total of the previous year with over 120 Drupal campers. Due to the great response in attendees and the support of our generous sponsors, the camp featured 2 nightly mixers complete with free food and an open bar.

Recordings From Drupal Camp Phoenix 2011!

Leverage Your PHP Skills with Drupal
Russell Keppner - Ashday Interactive

Content Strategies and SEO: Secret Weapons for Driving Traffic and Engaging Visitors
Tom McCracken - Level Ten Interactive
(Note: technical difficulties resulted in a loss of audio for the latter half of this presentation.)

Building Your Online Store with Drupal
Kevin Wall - KWALL

Module Development 101
Patrick Wall - KWALL

Gmap and Geocoding
Alex Davidson - KWALL
(Note: technical difficulties resulted in a loss of visuals for this presentation.)

Building Beautiful, Dynamic Forms in Drupal 7
Chris Shattuck - Build a

Drupal on the Cloud
Patrick Wall - KWALL

Introduction to Views
Kevin Wall - KWALL

Faceted Search Options in Drupal
Alex Davidson - KWALL

Using Drush, Git and Features to Manage Development Workflow
Russell Keppner - Ashday Interactive

Using Drupal as a CRM
Kevin Wall - KWALL

Getting Started with Drupal 7
Michael Sypes (

IE Compatibility
Erek Janus - KWALL

Mobile Strategies for Drupal
Jeff Beeman - Acquia

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