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Reducing Drupal's Learning Curve

Applications of the Four-Component Instructional Design (4C/ID) model have been shown to cause improvements in transfer performance for a variety of complex skills. Applying the systematic approach found in Ten Steps to Complex Learning: A Systematic Approach to Four-Component Instructional Design to training for Drupal, the community can increase the likelihood that a download turns into a site. Agencies that apply the approach can increase the likelihood that a new site-builder or Jr. Developer can quickly develop the skills needed to help your agency keep up with demand. In this session, attendees will learn how to design their own curriculum for Drupal development. We will share a worked-example of curriculum developed with this model, explain the concepts within the model, provide evidence that it works for Drupal, and provide an opportunity for Leaders to design Drupal curriculum using the model. Presentation Recording:


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Thank you for doing this presentation! I found it really interesting. I have no previous experience with instructional design and many of the concepts in this talk were new to me. I'd like to review some of the sources and diagrams from your talk - are the slides available anywhere?

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