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DrupalCamp Phoenix 2014 Announced!


What is DrupalCamp PHX:

Drupal Camp PHX is a 2-day conference organized by Drupal professionals and the Phoenix Drupal User Group (PHX DUG) to promote and advance the Drupal community in Arizona and the Southwest region. Drupal Camp PHX brings together a variety of people interested in learning and growing skills in open-source, web content management and web development.  This year's camp will consist of trainings, sessions for various levels of experience, and a chance to contribute to the Drupal core.

Camp at a Glance:

Friday - February 28

Drupal Training

  • Drupal Development Best Practices & Building Sites on Pantheon
  • Drupal 7 in a Day Bootcamp

Evening Mixer hosted by Ashday

Saturday - March 1


DCPHX Sessions 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Business

Birds of a Feather meetings 

Evening Mixer @ Handlebar hosted by KWALL

Featured Sessions

By: Ariel Gold

Run automated tests on automated builds every time someone makes what they believe is a release-ready commit.

What we'll cover

By: Russ Perry

About Russ Perry:

By: Kimberly Bautista

KWALL's Matt Turek will hold an impromptu Birds of a Feather session. 

Learn how higher education can leaverage an open-source platform, such as Drupal!